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Family Protection Dogs

Family Protection Dogs by K9 Ambassador are carefully hand selected and tested. Only the dogs with high intelligence, good temperament and very social are put into our training process.

"Intelligence, Temperament & Loyalty"

From the time these dogs are young they are raised in family homes which makes the dog comfortable in your home environment and they are very well mannered.

They are suitable for single person, families with children or older couples, who want to have a companion with less temperament and drives.

Family Protection Dog with girl


         K9 Ambassador -  Family Protection Dogs
         are loving companion's yet highly skilled tools.

They love to play with children, good with other animals (dogs,cats...) and are easy to handle even if new owner is a NON-EXPERIENCED handler.

"Family Protection Dogs by K9 Ambassador - Perfect companion with guard instinct"

They are fully trained in obedience and protection for our customers needs and their life style.

We train our dogs with newest positive methods. This training takes longer,but then the obedience and protection is more functional for real life. To see our Family Protection Dogs in action look to our Dogs For Sale, YouTube channel, Facebook or VideoGallery to see what kind of quality dogs and their training we can offer to you.

All of our Family Protection Dogs are trained in English commands, but if the customer wish it can be in Czech, Slovak, German or Dutch language.

Obedience training includes ON lead commands:

     • walk to heel
     • sit
     • down
     • stand
     • 2 different recalls ( come with present and heel when you are in motion)
     • stay ( 3 different positions - down, sit and stand )
     • long stay ( down position )
     • we train our Family Protection Dogs to do their toilet almost on command

All of these will be done ON lead with distractions.

Family Protection Dog as guardian

          K9 Ambassador - Family Protection Dogs
          are loyal family companions that are hand selected and           trained for customer needs.

Family Protection Dogs are specially trained to protect you and your loved ones.

Protection training includes / ON lead:

     • trained to watch territory and family members
     • command to switch the dog ,,ON,, ( the dog will show aggression) to stop any potential threat
     • attack intruder on command - handler protection
     • release on command
     • switch the dog ,,OFF,, on command ( the dog will be friendly again )

K9 Ambassador - FAMILY PROTECTION DOG is loyal family companion, that is hand selected and trained to the highest degree.

Family Protection Dog as companion
        Our customers get :
        -  honest and extensive communication
        -  custom tailored dog
        - 3 days handler course ,,Handover''
        - DVD from training process and ,,Handover'' for futher            help
        - background of the dog
        - professional advices

We interview our clients extensively and select a dog that will fit into your family.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and match you with a dog that will give you a lifetime of devotion.

Available Breeds

‘’Buy The Right Device For Your Protection!’’

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If you would like to get more information about our Family Protection Dogs please contact us.

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